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How to Get Ready to Go Back to the Office

3/25/2020 (Permalink)

Blog post photo Make sure you are ready for when you have to go back to the office

As we work through unprecedented times, it is important to remember we will get through these times. States across the nation have either suggested or enforced work from home guidelines while others have completely shut down non-essential businesses. Once these orders have been lifted and workers are allowed to return, having a plan in place will help to get back into normal operations.

As workers have been adapting to their new schedule, developing a plan for re-integrating them to get back up to their maximum productivity levels.

Make A Plan

The first thing to do is to set a date for the return to normal working conditions. As we are in the midst of the current situation, it is hard to predict when workers and businesses will be able to return to their regular workspaces. When the governmental levels lift their work from home orders, the individual organizations will have to determine when they will reopen. This may involve immediate reopening, setting it for the following Monday, or maintaining the work from home orders to further protect workers and visitors from potential exposure.

Once a reopen date has been set, each individual should be contacted and informed of the date with their confirmation that they can return. Some may have other priorities such as watching over their children or elderly family members and will be unable to return immediately. Others may just not feel comfortable leaving their house if there is still a threat of infection and should receive the best possible accommodations. This may involve continuing work from home or instituting safety measures.

Expect a Readjustment Period

It will be hard for workers to jump right back into their regular workflow. By the time of their return, many will have been working from home, or not working, for weeks and possibly months. It will take time to readjust to their normal morning routine, duties, and eating habits. For as long as that employee was gone, it will be equally as long, or longer, before they are able adjust back. There should be an expectation of a lag in productivity from those individuals. 

Ways to help those workers readjust include being flexible with start times, one-on-one human support, and having a clear re-integration plan. Consulting with each employee and establishing a clear plan of what is expected upon their return will allow them to have clear tasks to focus as they get back into their regular routine.

While workers return, allowing those who are anxious or in a high-risk category, to stay at home may be the best choice. Even though the return to work order may go into effect, coronavirus will still be in the news headlines and many may not want to expose themselves by being in a populated workspace. 

Proactive Cleaning

To calm fears, it may be worth considering a professional cleaning before they return. Having a completely sanitized space to return to, will do a lot to ease concerns. As school buildings, offices, and other community organizations are currently empty, now is the perfect time to do it, to clear any standing contamination and to avoid disruption.

To help stop the spread of COVID-19 SERVPRO of Minot has been doing proactive cleanings. By doing a proactive cleaning, workers reduce the risk of exposure from unwanted pathogens. A proactive cleaning also allows employees to be in a space that will not impact the quality of their health. 

Although there are not currently any products tested against this strain of coronavirus, the products our technicians use have shown effectiveness against similar strains to this new virus. Following CDC recommended products and cleaning guidelines, SERVPRO technicians have been using hospital-grade disinfectant to sanitize workspaces during this time.

As a locally owned franchise, SERVPRO of Minot wants to help organizations stay healthy and get back to work soon. Asking your supervisor, facilities manager, or business owner to consider a professional cleaning would allow us to help get your organization back to normal. 

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